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Breathtaking landscapes (View on the aiguilles d'Arves, the Ecrins, the Parrachée tooth, the glaciers of the Vanoise), technical climbs, playful descents, high mountain atmosphere, the perfect recipe for an itinerary out of the ordinary.

You will be able to warm up from the start with a succession of climbs and descents before reaching the top of the course. The descent that follows is a must in this genre, it is technical, with single in the forest, sometimes sloping, with pins that you will have to know how to negotiate. The whole forms a varied but homogeneous whole that alternates more technical passages with more playful sections. Book a few stops for rest and contemplation, here as on almost all the Haute Maurienne Vanoise routes, magnificent panoramas are available to you, especially on the majestic Dent Parrachée with its Vanoise glaciers, but also on clear days on the aiguilles d'Arves and the Ecrins.
Once in Bramans, the return trip is either up the Chemin du Petit Bonheur or by shuttle equipped with bike carriers, depending on your level of fitness.
Why this name? Because this sector passes on a high place of fortification and more particularly towards the flat of the guns.

Departure, Mont Cenis Pass, or Val Cenis Termignon lifts

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