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Only half an hour from Vannes, the Atlantic Ocean and its beaches... Wander from cove to cove along the coastal path of the Rhuys peninsula to Port Navalo. Sail towards the 42 islands of the gulf, the time of a sea kayak or paddle outing with a guide, while marvelling at the changing landscapes according to the tides and the seasons. Cycle through the charming little villages of the Rhuys peninsula before putting your towel down on a beautiful beach in southern Brittany.

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In the air, on land, under the sea!

The beauty of the Presqu'île can be appreciated from all angles! Just the thing, here we have plenty of ideas to make your stay as exciting as possible! Discover the pleasure of a walk in the Gulf on board a cruise boat or a kayak to be closer to the elements. Stretch your calves by walking the paths of the Gulf during a trail ride or a cool ride on the many cycle routes. Take to the skies and enjoy a paramotor flight over the islands! Even in low angle, the Peninsula shows its best profile: put on your flippers at the Logeo and discover the unsuspected underwater treasures of the Gulf. Longe-côte, Paddle, kite-surf, feet-kayak... all the trendy sports are on the Rhuys peninsula!

A land of historical hospitality

Since the Neolithic period, whose footprints are still very present, the Rhuys Peninsula has always attracted those who have stayed here. The Dukes of Brittany built a secondary residence here, which can be visited today under the name of Château de Suscinio. Other families have taken up residence here... Go and admire the winged broom that animates the marshes of the Duer and Suscinio when the geese, the spoonbills and other egrets take up their winter quarters!

A destination that renews itself!

Of course, the castles of Suscinio, the Cairn du Petit Mont, the Butte de César, the Abbey of Saint-Gildas ... are well known to those who have already been seduced by the place. But the Rhuys Peninsula is a territory that changes with the seasons!

Just as the sky and the ocean know how to combine their forces to offer us new colours day after day, the cultural and sporting activities have evolved to offer you trendy leisure activities! Did you know, for example, that the Presqu'île was the starting point for the Morbihan Paddle Trophy Ouest France?

Entertainment, all year round!

Weekly, seasonal, organic, night markets... there are markets every day to brighten up the villages and ports of the Presqu'île. During the day, the kerver golf course, the leisure parks, the horse riding centres, the sailing schools, the outings with a guide... are all activities to keep the whole family busy. For your evenings, the Hermine cultural centre, the JOA casino in Crouesty, the bars in Crouesty and the two cinemas will entertain you all year round. Ask for the programme: the Golfe & You is with you all year round.

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