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With its many islands and islets, its microclimate that warms the sea and its gentle way of life, the Gulf of Morbihan is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Brittany to discover all year round. On land or at sea, discover the charm and the different faces of this exceptional destination steeped in history... Give in to the temptations of the fish market in Vannes, and take the opportunity to taste some oysters in a relaxed atmosphere.

Golfe du Morbihan Vannes Tourisme - Bureau d’Information Touristique de Vannes

Quai Eric Tabarly, 56 000 Vannes
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Vannes, medieval capital...
Tread the cobblestones of a city full of history.

From antiquity to the present day, the city of Vannes has gone through the great periods of history with great loss and destruction. Although the creation of the city dates back to the Gallo-Roman period and its political influence to the 17th century, it was during the Middle Ages that life was in full swing and the city's facetious curves were outlined with colour and timber-framed walls... Numerous guided tours organised by the city and the tourist office allow visitors to wander through the maze of medieval streets and to gain height on the fortifications' sentry walk.

Castle, rampart, church, cathedral...

The glossary of medieval architecture is perfectly illustrated in the streets and alleys of old Vannes. You only have to get lost to discover a medieval pavement here, a watchtower there or a machicolation. And if we were to sum up the medieval period in a few major sites that still exist, the must-see sites would be the fortifications, its gates and towers, the Saint-Vincent cathedral, the Cohue, the timber-framed houses and the Gréguennic bastion with its famous battery of casemates...


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