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To discover ski touring, come and train in the Chartreuse:


Two levels of training are proposed:

Level 1 brings the knowledge to compose with your personal equipment (DVA / shovel / probe) as well as the conduct to be held during a simple scenario (25€).

Level 2 guides you towards the "lead" of a group, to be able to manage simple and multiple situations, including the human (30€).
Prerequisite required: Independent Avalanche Rescue Training - DVA 1 or equivalent.

DVA 1: Managing a simple avalanche rescue
Be able to handle an avalanche victim search and rescue situation on your own.
Be able to participate effectively in a leader-managed collaborative research project.
After the training, you will be able to :

carry and assemble your equipment efficiently;
Participate in the group show/research test;
use the basic functions of your DVA;
implement basic actions in the event of an avalanche accident;
pass an alert to rescue professionals;
effectively search for and locate a buried victim in a simple scenario;
free a buried victim using a specific technique.

DVA 2: Managing a complex avalanche rescue
Be able to manage a simple multi-level avalanche situation.

Be able to organize an avalanche rescue with your group.

After the training, you will be able to :

Organize the test broadcast/rescue for the group;
conduct a search in a multiple burial situation;
implement the group's course of action;
determine the strategy to adopt in the situation;
conduct the rescue operation;
Organize the collective clearing of the burial site;
receiving professional rescuers

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