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Some tips for using your Electric MTB


When you start, the assistance provided by the engine increases to facilitate your departure. At launch, the pedal assist automatically returns to the last level used. You can then increase or decrease the power of the assistance by using the instrument panel on the handlebar.

  • The starting of the electric assistance depends on the pedal rotation speed and the speed of the bicycle. If you do not pedal, the engine remains inactive.
  • You and you alone determine the power of the bike's electric assist. This way, you can alternate, at your leisure, efforts and relaxation during your walk. Beware, however, of overenthusiasm! Indeed, the electric assistance will allow you to easily reach higher speeds than those to which you are accustomed. Electric bike assistance is legally limited to 25km/h. Once this speed is reached, the pedal assistance gradually decreases.

  • Finally, when pedal assist is disabled, the bike offers very little extra resistance, allowing you to use your EAB like a conventional bike, and thus increase your physical activity volume.

Don't disregard safety!

A well-tuned helmet ensures protection in the event of a fall. This safety element is essential in ATV riding.

In case of very uneven terrain (downhill mountain bike) prefer a full helmet protecting the entirety of your head.

You can find some of our equipment in the "get well equipped" section or the complete range on our Rossignol website!

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