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> > > > D - Esseillon(s), les forts sans effort Modane
D - Esseillon(s), les forts sans effort Modane

Be careful, the route is not physically marked out, it is only available on the application.

We will tell you the false legend of the Esseillon barrier:
In the past, Marie-Christine, Marie-Thérèse, Charles-Albert, Victor-Emmanuel, Charles-Félix... The five titans of the clear kingdom of Piedmont Sardinia had 20,000 m2 of fortress built on the Barrière de l'Esseillon. Charles-Albert and Marie-Christine well in the North; Victor-Emmanuel and Marie-Thérèse well in the South and the great Charles Félix in the centre, sitting on his stone. These "superheroes" had only one thing in common, they worshipped above all the Cross of the Kingdom of Savoy. They had heard that alien armies were gathering in the lands below. Monstrous beings inhabiting the dark Dauphineland and the other dark counties of the Frankish kingdom formed a menacing horde at the Savoy steps. Soon, they would be in Modane....
"Sister Marie-Thérèse, don't you see nothing coming? ", asked the other four colossus every day for thirty long years. "But no, I told you, it's like yesterday", I see no aliens coming from below. In short...
Tired of war, waiting long enough, roasting in the sun in summer and freezing in the blizzard of dull winters, the titans eventually transformed themselves into stone. And since then, the Barrière de l'Esseillon has appeared in the landscape of Haute Maurienne Vanoise as a large motionless vessel stopping at the edge of the abyss, just above the Arc.

Go and discover the true history of this place! On site, take two hours to visit the apartments of the princes and princesses of Savoy, but here no canopy bed, the furniture is rather Spartan style!

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